Paddle West Kayaking

There is something special about sea kayaking! When we were approached by Paddle West kayaking they didn’t know that we had extensive experience working for kayak manufacturers and operators already. Or that we had experience paddling or owned kayaks. That was a bonus, but brought a fantastic insight to helping rebrand this amazing company. Inspired by the bright colours of the kayaks themselves the logo and brand system echoed the intensely vibrant gel coatings of the fibreglass sea kayaks used for day tours or multi-day tours.

Brochure & Business Cards

The brochure and business cards also employed the rich primary colours as well as beautiful scenic shots of paddlers enjoying the west coast. Highlighting the multi-day tours was one of the goals of marketing the business as it was a fairly new service for the business, but had the potential of huge growth as experiential travellers wanted to immerse themselves in the west coast and truly experience a bucket list trip of a lifetime!


To help showcase the experience we designed and developed a site that featured a snippet of a video on the home page that the company had done recently. A clean layout with supporting images and copy help potential paddlers envision what they might experience while exploring the Ucluelet or Tofino harbours during their tours.

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