Royal Equine Packaging

An all organic hand made line of horse treats needed packaging designed that was environmentally responsible and would have MASSIVE shelf appeal. Rather than package the treats like their competitors (in plastics tubs), we opted for paper packaging with a thin plastic bag insert to keep the product fresh while the majority of the packaging was completely compostable and biodegradable. Vegetable based inks were used in printing. Designed in 2 sizes, 2lb and 4 lb boxes and in 4 flavours each, these boxes also fit together well for shipping on pallets as 2 – 2lb fit on the exact same foot print as the 4 lb boxes. 

Hot seller– Gable top boxes with a convenient carry handle made it easy to pick these boxes up in retail locations across Canada. For the 4lb box we printed using a litho-laminate process, taking a thinner printed sheet and laminating it to corrugate giving the 4lb package the structure it needed to hold up to the weight inside. printing with a spot metallic gold ink added a classy touch to the Royal Equine line of products.

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