Still Master Vodka

After going through an extensive naming and design process, these unique labels engage viewers in an unusual optical illusion through the use of a bonded label system. The optical illusion is only visible in full bottles where the colour disappears when the bottle is turned sideways, when viewing straight on the colour is magnified by the curvature of the bottle and the contents inside acting like a magnifying glass. Talk about shelf presence!


Flavourful Sipping Vodka, Including the straight Single Malt Vodka, there are eleven flavours available from Shelter Point Distilleries, each with a unique colour and illustration on the front to identify the flavour inside. Trust me…this is some SERIOUSLY good Vodka! Sip it warm like a good Whisky or chilled like a traditional Vodka – you have to try it if you are a lover of fine spirits!

We also designed a beautiful gift box for the 750ml Vodka and fleet graphics for their delivery trucks, rack cards and more.

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