Tourism Tofino

Tofino is one of those magical places that is already a world class destination! The marketing is made a little easier as we had so many high quality photos to work with and an amazing marketing team at Tourism Tofino to steward us forward. 

Visitor Guides

Drawing on our expensive experience in designing visitor guides, Tourism Tofino approached Primal to discuss the best approach to a visitor guide to be utilized as a lure piece at key consumer shows and to be sent out upon request. Our solution, based on a quick turn around time and access to funding from Parks Canada was to develop a piece that was not reliant upon advertising revenue to support the design and production. We were also able to produce 2 versions, one in English and a second in French. Large page dominant imagery with fascinating writing painted a beautiful story of what could be on your next vacation in Tofino. Tourism Tofino also received additional funding from the Clayoquot Unesco Biosphere fund to help produce enough of these high quality guides to last for 2-3 years.


Thousands of guides are mailed out each year to visitors from around the world. We had designed full colour envelopes for Tourism Vancouver Island and when staff at Tourism Tofino saw them they wanted their own! Now when visitors receive their guides in the mail they can get excited about their next trip to Tofino right away!

Custom Kiosk

Tourism Tofino had an opportunity to have a display located inside the Alberni Valley Visitor Centre. All visitors driving to Tofino pass by the visitor centre and many stop in to see what there is to do in the area. Our concept sketches incorporated a TV that could have photos, video and or advertising featuring area stakeholders. We also had space for brochure racking of stakeholder rack cards and brochures as well as space for the lure guides. The concept approved we now needed to create the blueprints for building the booth and design the graphic wraps to be apply to the kiosk.  A custom surfboard with 3/4” plywood glassed in to help support the TV monitor mount to be bolted on included hidden cable guides on the back for a clean look.

Brand Guidelines

We worked with Tourism Tofino staff and stakeholders in refining and establishing brand standards that were used on all visual marketing applications. By standardizing the colours, fonts and photo treatment,s all graphic suppliers were able to produce the projects faster and on-brand. Photo guidelines were also established to showcase the extreme natural beauty of Tofino and Pacific Rim National Park as well as showcase people engaging with the outdoors in a more natural way. The insight for photo style and selection was influenced by the Destination Canada’s  EQ(TM) (Explorer Quotient) research to match Tofino’s target visitor type.

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