Tourism Vancouver Island presses local button

Nanaimo, BC – Tourism Vancouver Island has turned to its own backyard to tell the world about our neck of the woods. Every year Tourism Vancouver Island produces a full-colour annual Vacation Guide and Outdoor Guide to promote Vancouver Island as the world-class destination that it is. Thanks to a little teamwork, this year they’re printing both on paper made right here on Vancouver Island.

Before the project started, Nanaimo design firm Primal Communications Ltd. talked to their partners at Mitchell Press about how they might better support their client’s “source locally” stance. It didn’t take long before Mitchell recommended using locally made paper for Tourism Vancouver Island’s printing needs. A quick call to Catalyst Paper, just down the road in Port Alberni was all that was required. Catalyst’s very own, locally made “Pacificote” was specified for the entire Outdoor Guide and all but the cover of the Vacation Guide. Tourism Vancouver Island has since taken delivery of both guides and what they really like the most is what people won’t even notice – the fact that the paper was sourced locally.

Certainly, the three industry partners aren’t strangers to socio-environmental stewardship. Burnaby’s Mitchell Press, the largest commercial printer of its kind in Western Canada, operates a plant that was designed with the environment in mind. Printing on locally-made paper dovetails perfectly with their philosophy. The thinking is much the same at Catalyst Paper. Not only do they employ 300 plus locals, they are the first paper company to offer manufactured carbon-neutral printing paper. Robert Dodds, President and Creative Director of Primal Communications is just glad it all worked out so well for his client. “It was particularly exciting to recommend an island-made paper from my home town of Port Alberni. Utilizing locally made paper helps reduce our eco footprint and bolsters the local economy too.”

Thinking globally while making paper and printing locally–hopefully we can all take a page from this team’s book.

Printing with locally-made paper dovetails perfectly with our philosophy.
David Mitchell, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Mitchell Press

We are delighted to partner with Catalyst Paper in the printing of our guides. Using and promoting locally sourced products is a win-win situation for all of us.
Dave Petryk, President & CEO, Tourism Vancouver Island

We take pride in our local partnerships.
Joe Nemeth, CEO, Catalyst Paper

For more information, please contact:
Robert Dodds, President & Creative Director, Primal Communications Ltd.
[email protected]