Craig Bauer


Senior Account Manager

An “anything it takes” mindset. I am known for my technical and creative knowledge as an influencer and producer of physical and digital based marketing and design collaborations.

I have a unique makeup, where I can balance Creative Goals, with Production Requirements and Monetary Concerns. I believe its due to my Calm, Positive and Creative Nature. I enjoy working towards customized solutions. My style is to take a coaching approach, to bring out the best in people. I connect with people easily and can quickly form business relationships based on trust and respect.

I research deeply, I question, I listen, I engage, I look for and create ideas, I balance possible with seemingly impossible, for the best possible outcome.

A previous board member of: Graphic Designers of Canada, the Mayors Sustainable Business Action Group, as well, a supportive contributor to many Green Print Initiatives within Publishing, the Arts and Catalogue printing in the USA and Canada

I look forward to meeting you in person.