We review YOUR needs, then design and develop a web site to strategically deliver on your key goals. Make your web site one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal.

Website Design and Development

Your web site should be your best sales person. It works 24/7 and should attract and produce qualified leads for your products and/or services.

Web design is an involved process that is far more than creating a nice looking web site.

User experience (UX), search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture (IA), image and video optimization, and performance tracking are but a few elements involved with developing websites that will perform in today’s competitive environment.

Our Tribe of award winning designers and web developers have decades of experience designing custom websites for a wide range of clientele.

From simple websites to e-commerce websites and complex custom web application software, the Primal Tribe can help you get your business online or improve the results of your current website.


75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design


WordPress Development

Easy to use, search friendly, and a massively flexible development platform with tens of thousands of ready made Plug-ins, WordPress allows for rapid development and customization.

From a simple WordPress CMS (content management system) website to complicated e-commerce sites, this CMS is used in over 30% of all web sites in the world*.

*source: techjury.net

Search Engine Friendly
Easy to update and edit sites
Super customizable
The most popular web CMS in the world*

Responsive Web Design

Approximately half of all web traffic is from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)*. Having a website that is mobile-friendly is no longer an option!

Responsively designed websites adapt or ‘respond’ to the device that is viewing it. This provides a better user experience, with faster load times, more relevant content and CTAs (call to actions) based on the device that is viewing your site. This means your website will look and function flawlessly for a user on a desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

As we design each website we approach from a mobile-first philosophy utilizing responsive design best practices to develop websites that will look great and adapt to each user’s device. 

Mobile and tablet friendly
Designed to adapt to almost every device
Better User Experience (UX)
Improves Site SEO

*source: statista.com


WooCommerce / Ecommerce

Having a flexible eCommerce system that seamlessly integrates with WordPress will give you the ability to sell online 24/7. For B2B clients the WooCommerce system can control products and inventory visibility for order requests without needing full E-commerce abilities. A powerful addition to your web site with an elegant user experience.

WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores*
Built on the WordPress framework
E-commerce optimization
Ease of store management

SEO Powered Web Design

Search engine optimization is part of what helps customers find your site. Solid design will keep them there and help convert traffic into leads or sales. These two basic, but critical digital marketing elements create a strong platform for your business to grow.

We design every website to be search friendly and offer modern SEO techniques to target specific traffic, leading them to key landing pages and content on your site. 


Information Architecture

A site built with a logical, easy to navigate structure allows users to find what they are looking for. This will improve the UX (User Experience), reduce ‘bounce rate’ and increase on page conversion.


Future-Friendly Code

Anyone can build a Wordpress site nowadays, but we build it well. We use modern code and technologies to improve compatibility with future updates. We have the experience to know what will work to keep your site fast and secure.


Optimized Speed

Ever been on a site that takes a long time to load? Yeah, we have too. Google knows that people aren’t patient so sites that take a long time to load are penalized by search engines. We optimize images and load speeds so your site will load quickly and rank well.


Mobile Friendly

With half of all web traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, every site we design comes standard as mobile friendly or responsive. Engineered to look good and perform well no matter which device your customers use.


‘The web site overall is a hit!’ one gentleman said ‘best fishing lodge website I have ever seen’

-Adele Larkin,
GM Nootka Marine Adventures.

Using high quality photos in your content can improve site and page views by +94%

source: optinmonster.com